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Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Energy/Environment Management Systems Network (EMSNet) is a collaboration among nationally recognized energy, environmental, policy and business professionals. Our purpose is to provide common-sense, interdisciplinary approaches to assist forward-thinking clients in the formulation of business strategies to meet environmental and resource management challenges. EMSNet can assist in the formulation, development and promotion of projects which seek to offer environmental, resource management and other operational benefits and can provide assistance in the installation and maintenance of practical and efficient management, development and monitoring approaches to achieve and demonstrate Environmental, Social/Ethical Responsibility, and Resource Management objectives.

EMSNet's scope encompasses Green Product and Business Assessment, Identification and Approaches to Funding Sources, Management Systems, Regulatory and Policy Assistance, Tracking Regulatory and Policy Developments, Compliance Assurance – Third Party Validation, and Experts – the EMSNet professionals.

Read about the qualifications of our EMSNet professionals, along with articles that might help you in your situation. Then contact us by email or by letter.


Go to  www.emsnet.com/contact.html  for contact information.

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